Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hazy Shade of Lavender

On Saturday my guy and I went on a thrifting trip to Richmond Virginia. I like thrifting in Richmond because the prices seem to be better than in Northern Virginia (Washington DC area). I found some fantastic things and will blog about them at another time.

Today wasn’t very warm, or sunny for that matter, but I just love my lavender flowered dress and couldn’t wait to wear it. The whole time it was in the washer I had an urge to yank it out. It is made of silk and I was positive, as it was washing, I was ruining it. I washed it on delicate and hung it to dry overnight… and, thankfully it turned out just fine.

BREAK'N LOOSE dress from Goodwill for $5.99


A new dress always makes me happy!

I love hats and always have. They just
add an extra pop to an outfit.
H&M hat from the men's department $7.99

I bought this and another hat from the men's department for only $7.99 each. In the women's department the hats in similar styles average $14.99 and up. They were embellished with flowers and feminine ribbons but I can easily change that out on my hats. However, I do like the masculine look of the hat with the very feminine dress.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Well, this new dress should make your extra is beautiful for spring!! I really hope more women are getting the courage to wear hats again...would love to see us go back to some of those much fun!

  2. I am biased hat. I love hats!
    Not live without mine!
    I'm sure he made ​​all the difference in the production of this post.
    Kisses ~.~
    Flávia Cruz