Sunday, May 15, 2011

Much Needed R&R

My guy and I just got back from a very much needed long weekend at our property. I have been stressing a lot lately at work. We have some decisions that we need to make and thought that our property would be the best place to put things into prospective.

Manual labor always seems to be a good head clearer and there is plenty to be had at the property. We demolished a shed that was an eyesore and that we have for years been threatening to tear down.

What little was left of the shed.

I wore this outfit while helping take down the shed. I know that the average woman would not wear a skirt while doing dirty manual labor... LOL I never said I was average. :-)

OLD NAVY t-shirt and STEVE & BERRY skirt and Wellies
 When we went to the dump to dispose of the contents of the shed the lady who works there told me I had great taste and admired my Wellies. On the way back to the property we stopped at the corner store to pickup some items and once again my Wellies were the topic of conversation. Who knew that they would make such a fashion impact in the country???

Purchased at the Farm & Tractor store last fall.
Hope everyone had a restful weekend.


  1. You are the best dressed worker I have seen in a long time!!

  2. Love the boots! My hubby made me buy rubber boots after I was bit by a rattlesnake 2 years ago but mine are just drab green ones found at a yard sale. These are darling and surely would keep those snakes away!

  3. Well, they are awfully darn cute! As is the outfit, in general.

    I hope your time in nature helped bring clarity to you both.

    Visiting from WIWW!