Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just Your Average Thursday Evening

Tonight I have decided that we needed a different venue for our photo shoot so off to our apartment complex’s rental office. I figured that we could use the common room or the lobby for our backdrop. We slipped through the gym and paused in front of the mirrors. Not sure why but I thought I looked better in person than I do in the pictures.

LIMITED scarf and TARGET gloves

H&M wool jacket

I continued on to our destination… My guy on the other hand remained in front of the mirrors
to do his own photo shoot.

These pictures really didn’t work very well. The lighting wasn't proper but we
didn’t know it at the time and did a full shoot.

The lighting made me look too guant.

Once we thought we were done -  the fun really began. Yep! Wheeled Chair Races down the hallway. I was victorious!!!! Cheated a little but nothing was said about not running the other person into the wall to get the advantage.


Back at the apartment I reviewed the photo shoot and decided we needed to do another one because I didn’t really have a good shot of my outfit.

OLD NAVY t-shirt

H&M wool pants.

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