Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Look Better Naked 2-Day Cleanse

I have been trying to kick my workout up a notch. Like most women there are bits and pieces that I think can use a little work. I have gotten inspiration from "" and began doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) using, Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, Jackie Warner’s Power Circuit Training, Shape: Get Lean in 4 Weeks, Shape: Bikini Body and I recently added Look Better Naked! 6 Weeks to Your Leanest, Hottest Body – Ever.

While doing research regarding the Look Better Naked various mediums of self-help I found their “Look Better Naked 2-Day Cleanse”.  According to their website “This cleanse is a simple meal plan that will hit your body’s reset button.” The detailed "Cleanse" can be found at Woman's Health Magazine Look Better Naked 2-Day Cleanse Menu

My guy agreed to give the “Cleanse” a try this weekend, so with supplies in the refrigerator (various greens and berries) we were ready to start this morning (Saturday). We didn’t exactly get off to a stellar start. Out of habit I brewed a pot of coffee and consumed half a large cup of it before remembering the “Cleanse”.

The Look Better Naked 2-Day Cleanse Menu

Breakfast: Light Shake
  • Blend 1 cup skim milk
  • 1 cup berries (we used strawberries for one and raspberry for another)
  • 1 tsp peanut butter
  • 1 cup of ice until frothy
  • Add a dash of cocoa powder
Our Take: This recipe makes two 12 oz glasses. So we decided to make one recipe of strawberry and one of raspberry… that way we would get one of each kind. The strawberry shake wasn’t bad however we both preferred the raspberry. Each has a strong taste of peanut butter in the froth which I didn’t find unpleasant at all. My guy agreed that the two shakes were filling.

Day 1 Breakfast - Strawberry and Raspberry Light Shakes

Snack: Sliced Cucumbers
  • 1 cup sliced cucumbers
  • 1 cup green tea

Bonus: Add a little vinegar and fresh dill to cucumber and marinate for an hour.

Our Take: I marinated the cucumbers in vinegar (1/3), Canola oil (2/3) and couple of pinches of spices/herbs (dill, mustard, lemon, onion, parsley, garlic). It gave the cucumbers a wonderful tangy taste and went well with the green tea. My guy and I both liked this very much and will make it again. 

Day 1 Snack - Sliced Cucumbers w/Vinaigrette and Green Tea

  • Steamed or raw greens (romaine, spinach, mesclun mix, bok choy, arugula, watercress, frisee, endive, etc.)
  • 4 oz lean protein (white meat chicken, firm tofu, lean beef, fish)
  • 2 tsp oil (olive, sunflower, or walnut)

Bonus: Be creative with your 2 teaspoons of oil, at both lunch and dinner. Whisk a teaspoon of vinegar and some herbs for vinaigrette. Or sauté bite-size pieces of white-meat chicken, lean beef, tofu, or fish. Or mix it with a flavor-booster spice mix to rub on lean protein prior to grill. Mix-match your greens! You can get a lot of no-cal flavor simply by adding arugula or watercress, both of which have a peppery kick.

Our Take: We selected grilled chicken and mixed salad for our lunch. The salad was a mix of fresh spinach, endives, bok choy, celery, and cucumbers. We drizzled some left-over vinaigrette from our snack onto the mixed salad.

It was very good yet my guy was still hungry so he ate a couple of strawberries for dessert.

Day 1 Lunch - Grilled Chicken and Mixed Greens

Dinner is the same options as lunch. We selected steak for our protein and for the veggies we had the mixed raw greens as we had for lunch and steamed broccoli and asparagus spears.

Bonus: Dip the asparagus into nonfat yogurt swirled with Dijon mustard to taste.

Our Take: The asparagus is actually the afternoon snack but we were running errands and missed the snack. So I prepared it as part of my dinner – my guy doesn’t like asparagus so he ate the broccoli. I was still hungry so I steamed some cauliflower. I know it’s not part of the “greens” family but I still wanted a little more food and that is something we had. The meal was tasty however I missed my cheese and Shiraz.

This was my Day 1 Dinner
This was my guy's Day 1 Dinner

Final Take of Day 1: According to “The Look Better Naked” homepage on their website, “You'll feel healthy, drop some water weight and we promise, you won't feel deprived or hungry!” I not sure I would agree with that… I was definitely ready for the next meal when it was time.

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  1. Note: Day 2 we had coffee and sausage muffins for breakfast. On average we eat healthy. If we have french fries we also have salad with it. So in the long run it all evens out. Or so I hope. :-)