Thursday, March 17, 2011

Classics on Thursday!

Today is the first day in forever that I have felt like me. With my office move I have worn jean and flats everyday for the past two weeks. Today is the first day that I have worn heels and it felt fantastic. I still have a lot of unpacking and unlimited amounts of running around our building but at least I can dress up just a tad bit more than I have been able to.

BANANA REPUBLIC - jacket and favorite TOMMY HILFIGER - jeans

TAHARI - sandals and
TIGNANELLO - small Perfect 10 handbag

H&M - shirt and my guy's tan leather belt

I finally got my haircut... Amazing how much easier it is to style when freshly cut.
Very excited that hopefully I will once again be able to go back to my standard uniform... a skirt and heels. Do you have an article of clothing that screams, "This is who I am!"?


  1. Those Tahari sandals are amazing!!! I always feel so much better when I'm dressed up a bit. I used to wear pants all of the time, but I've come to realize I feel much more myself when I'm wearing a skirt!

  2. You are ROCKING this look! So glad you commented so I could check out your blog. I hope you found the Sam Edelman heels finally :)

  3. Wow those sandals are killer girl!
    Are they terribly horrid to walk in?
    If I go for a few days without wearing some kind of pink in my wardrobe... I am just not myself. LOL

  4. I love that jacket and the way you styled the sleeves with the shirt! It's so fresh and crisp looking. And, like everyone above said, the sandals are great!