Thursday, March 10, 2011

Don't Tease Me Sam!

I love my fashion magazines and like to savor them at a leisurely pace. I will flip the pages and analyze each one. How the model is posed, the colors, the content. I get inspiration and I must admit a bit of the “I want”, “I need” and/or “I have to have”. So when I was perusing my copy of Vogue’s mega spring issue I couldn’t help but get the “I Have to Have” when I saw, what I consider, the perfect sandal.

I’m sure that Sam Edelman made these sandals with me in mind. They are… high and strappy and gloriously nude.

I immediately Googled these beauties... I can find them in flats. They are called Grenna.

Click to zoom in.
They are nice but they aren't the same.

I just love the description, "Catch a ride in his chariot, in these triple-buckle gladiator sandals." Oh, I do want to catch a ride but I want to ride his sky high chariot.

I have looked on Sam’s webpage for the past week in hopes that his webmaster has just forgotten to put them on the page. Nothing!  Please Sam, don’t tease me. I’m sure that it is just pure oversight that I can’t find them. I’m sure that at the next Edelman Company Staff Meeting it will be brought to Sam’s attention that these beauties were over looked. Why would Sam tease me after making the perfect sandal just for ME?

Really, pure oversight!


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