Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have clothes at our property that I don’t usually wear but am not ready to give up. I found this skirt at JC Penny’s outlet store years ago for a ridiculous price of something like $6.99.  I do believe I also found the shirt at JC Penny’s. Again, it isn’t something I have worn that often… perhaps once or twice.

I still like the skirt, but seem to have a hard time finding a top that I like with it. This weekend I thought the outfit needed a wide brown belt. I kept searching the house for a brown belt that I guess was just going to magically appear because I wanted/needed one.

Does anyone else keep something in hopes that one day the outfit will just come together?


  1. Hi Carole!!
    Nice Skirt!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!!
    We'll keep in touch, Ok?

    Marián (Spain)

  2. I recently donated some things that I loved how they looked on the hanger but not on me. This one top, I kept forever, I don't know what I thought was going to change to make it wearable. I read back a bit catching up on your blog. I love your necklace and how it represents you guys. Nice. And your being changed after two days story was cute! So, what did your mom think of that?!

  3. I am proud to say that I have gotten over that in the last year or so
    I am adamant about if I didn't wear in an entire year it is outta my closet!