Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Real Age or What I Tell People?

I don't want to look good for my age... I want to look good P.E.R.I.O.D.!

I'm going to start a quest on what it takes to maintain and improve. I have been working out for years and just recently kicked it up a notch and I’m seeing great improvement but…

I have a co-worker that stated on her facebook wall that she is getting back in shape so that she looks like the 28 year old that people think that she is. I work out on a daily basis and if nothing else… I’m starting to look older. There is no way anyone would mistake me to be 10 years younger than I am. Perhaps it is time to pull out the wallet and make an appointment with the dermatologist.

How are you fighting the aging process? Or are you just letting nature take its course?


  1. Ha! Good post. I'm 52 and work hard to look my best by drinking a ton of water and (sounds corny, but is true) find joy in life.

  2. it's constent war.........body my top tip.....and facials which i think are my new guilty pleasure!!

  3. I am 48 and try to stay slim
    I don't think I will do plastics or botox etc
    I just see too many people that look worse and the older women I see that have aged naturally have so much character in their faces.
    That is my plan at this point in life